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A flashback memory

Stops me in my tracks

Feels like yesterday

But there’s no going back

Suns always shining

Somewhere in my mind

Thoughts like a whisper

Good one’s left behind

A Jitterbug Boogie

Humming in my ear

A Jurassic track

Oh’ what a year

Tank tops and Flares

Flapping on the dance floor

Candyfloss and root beer

Found me wanting so much more

Decades have past

Gone by in a flash

The doctor says he’s coming

But I gotta pay him cash

Ode’s to the greats

Playing over airwaves

Travel in a time machine

Spinning decks, c'mon Eileen.

For that brief moment

Feel like 17 again

Thank you for the music

You mad dogs and english men.

I carry on, walking on by

The music begins to fade

A smile glints behind my eyes

There’s no rain on my parade.

Copyright @ NJPage 2018

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