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Man hides behind the things they preach

The final answer beyond their reach

Is it necessary, contemporary?

For man to fight man, be an adversary.

We preach and teach, yet do we learn

The severity of pride, and not of discern

To have the gift of strength for peace

To stop and think of freedom’s release.

We stand in Judgement of all that is wrong

The dispassionate man is vehemently strong

The pain we feel is not our own

It decides, survives, then multiplies.

Some may learn, and some may not

Did Salam really have its lot?

We mask ourselves in a cloak of despair

Content in denial, appeased with no care.

Our feelings receptive of fear’s ugly truth

Ignorance and choice, innocence of youth

We soldier on in this oblivious age

The earth’s very core is seething with rage

The perception of deception,

The opinion of the dominion

Hypocrisy, bureaucracy, and truth.

@Copywrite 2018 NJPage

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