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Letter from Lizzy

Today we celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. What a truly wonderful event when the country comes together and we celebrate the reign of our Queen. The bunting and flags fly high, the trooping of the colour and wonderful displays commemorate the sovereignty of Elizabeth the 2nd.

Whilst I'm sure there are some who begrudge this event and will have a negative outlook I have always had a soft spot for Elizabeth. I recall as a young girl looking at pictures of Elizabeth's wedding dress, she really was a princess to me ,a real live princess with the royalty and regalia princesses adorn.

I remember the absolute awe and excitement I felt having written to the Queen when I was a young teenager, the envelope alone was the poshest thing I d ever seen. It was thick, and regal and the queen's seal was there in the back. My name typed neatly on the front. How honoured I was to receive such correspondence. It was no matter that Elizabeth's secretary had written on her behalf. I felt so special on that day. Acknowledged and recognised. Important enough to receive that reply.

When I think of that letter, I remember there is a king who acknowledged me before I even knew he existed. He loves his subjects, every single one of us. Although he is King he also wants to make us feel special, he answers us directly, and is never too busy to listen to what we have to say. His love is steadfast and his sacrifice and service for his people never falters.

To be Queen, to rule a nation of people who have varying degree's of thoughts and gratitudes toward you, to sacrifice your own wants and desires to carry out the role destined for you, is not, cannot be an easy task.

I commemorate Elizabeth and thank her for her resilience and her faith.

May God continue to bless her abundantly.

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