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Second Chances

I've met a man. He's amazing, I've known him since I was a young girl but I moved away, there was too much distance and we lost contact. I got too busy , life got in the way, I neglected him.

As the years went by I'd often cast my mind back to those glorious days. Over the years I'd think of him often , thought about contacting him, but I always felt bad about losing touch. I was so conscious for the longest time that we weren't in each others lives, I couldn't find the words to say how much I'd missed him, his ability to make me laugh, to feel safe, he understood my weirdness and helped me to feel that everything was ok. He had a knack of making me feel accepted and valued even when I felt ugly, insecure and anxious.

I was overjoyed when he came back into my life, a friend of mine told me he wanted to meet me again. He had been searching for me, I'd had no idea. He was waiting all this time, willing me to reconnect. She invited me to his house. I was so nervous, but as soon as the door opened there he was, arms open wide, he hugged me so tightly all the years of absence just fell from my weary shoulders and I knew that everything was OK. I looked into his eyes and in that moment I knew he loved me still. I cried so many tears that day, we talked and he told me so many things I needed to hear. I told him my deepest secrets, the hurts and failures of my life, the shame and brokenness that had darkened my door so many times. He held me and soothed me. It was such a relief to know that none of it mattered anymore.

I have grown so much since that day. Love grows deeper, I trust him. He's gentle and kind, and even when I muck up he forgives me and shows me how to love in return. I speak to him all the time, he's never too busy. When I'm feeling unsure of things, sad or anxious about the daily mundane challenges life often brings, I call him and he reminds me of the joy there is in knowing him. I've never been loved by anyone the way he loves me. He's the love of my life, I adore him.

I've met his father, they are so alike, both have such compassion and understanding, wise and true. I can see so much of him in him, as I get to know him, he shows so much more of himself, every day I wake up I want to know him more, its exciting. He is everything I need and fills my heart with a happiness that comes from somewhere I never thought I could have. I'm not going to part from this one...he's definitely a keeper..not sure if you've heard of him.

His name is Jesus.

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