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The Avenue

I saw you look at me out of the corner of my eye.Your sparkling blue eyes following me as you slowed down to  pass me by.  I turned my head slightly, just enough to see your  face. Our eyes met and I felt the corner of my mouth lift slightly into a secret smile. I turned away quickly, unsure  of the momentary connection.  My eyes  intruding into a space that wasnt mine. Unsure of myself, I lowered my eyes toward the ground,  I couldn't help but notice the  frenzied pigeon feathers scattered  across the bed of dead brittle pine needles scorched from the long summer sun, a faint smell of pine swept into my senses.  I could hear them crunching beneath my feet as I walked on through the avenue, slowing down to a stop to let you go on by.  You tried to hold my gaze in those seconds before  I broke our hold, instantly unsure of your purpose,. Did you smile, I didn't see.

I waited for a moment and lifted my head. I watched you go into the distance until you met the horizon. Then you were gone. 

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